Vmax 1700 performance mods

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1985-2007 Vmax

Keep your heads up and be strong. While this is the time of great uncertainty, we are confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we will become stronger than ever before. Delivery was quick, free shipping appreciated, a better companion would be welcome by rider fellows as far as I read reviews on the net. Other than that I felt definite upstick in performance and my Thunderbird started to average better. Technical support was far beyond my expectations after I discovered no phone, skype or chat support of any kind.

Reviewed by Man R. Got notable gains down the road, and though I was satisfied with both the chip and their service but they couldn't manage to give succinct direction about hook-up accordingly wiring took longer than expected. Recommended in all other respects. Reviewed by r. I've had this item mounted on my TR-G for about a month and no problems yet.

Should there be update of any kind I'll revise my review. Reviewed by Jevon W. Got it in sale BF price rise, and so far so good! In my dismay no phone support but they replied even on weekends in a in a wink of an eye. Thx a bunch for free ship!! Chip worked with noticeable but a little less gains than advertized but bear in mind you'd siezed up with wiring if you were not a trained handy man. Reviewed by R. North St. Reviewed by Nachshon A. Brisk plugs fit and worked far better than stock plug.

Not much else to say about it. Reviewed by Uza K. I bought the wrong part first, but was quickly resolved. Reviewed by Delaine E. Installation took hours, my perception seemed to be a bit weak but a youtube install video would be a must have.

Reviewed by Lukas T. Shipping was fast, got free gift thats apprciated and love added power to death, my only hiccup was its not plug and play.Can also be used as Headlight or Fairing mount with extensions. Instruments are not included. For gauges, please click here. Maximum protection for your bike. You can pick the surface. Polished, Machined etc. More Grips Click Here. Impressively is the clear brilliant glass, whereby open up brand-new design variations. Latest LED - technology in the design and size of the mature micro halogen.

The ideal trait of radiation of the high-performance optic and the quick responding behavior of the LED arrange for more reliability. The original bar end signals made in Germany. Fits every hollow handle bar. White Lenses on both sides. Licensed protected design made of high quality materials in CNC-production 21W Halogen light with lumen light capacity A must for every StreetFighter!!

Amber Lenses on both sides. Click here for adjustability. Send us an email Info StreetFightersInc. To order, please call Phone: Shipping is not included in any prices. Prices are subject to change. We Accept. Yamaha Vmax Accessories. To Order Phone: Fax: Info StreetFightersInc. Glendale, Arizona. Alien Helmets. Belly Pans. Brake Lines.

Brake Reservoirs. Cafe Racer Accessories. Crash Sliders. Fat Handle Bar Kits.

vmax 1700 performance mods

Fiberglass 3D Details. Front Fenders. Foot Pegs.In Motorcycles. The Yamaha VMAX is easily one of the most iconic and recognizable motorcycles in the industry: a brawny power cruiser driven by an awesome V4 engine, complimented with distinctive muscular bodywork. If you happen to be the proud owner of a Yamaha VMAX or V-Max, as it used to be called and want to give it the custom treatment, then this list should provide ample inspiration. Sincethe VMAX has been one of the most celebrated motorcycles in the industry, winning numerous awards over the years, and garnering critical acclaim across the board and all over the world.

Featuring a whole host of new bodywork features including a some top notch carbon fiber work in the form of a new tank cover, rear tail piece, headlight unit, and aluminum touches like the fenders and air scoops sourced from an old school VMAXthis custom takes everything you thought you knew about the Yamaha VMAX and transformed it into something new and fresh. Calling in a lot of help from Paul Civitello of Mad Max Enterprises, John began by raking his frame to 37 degrees to improve stability, added longer fork stanchions to compensate for the lower front end, and a steering damper was added to keep things happy.

To make the most of the new NOS setup, John had the gearing adjusted for ultimate power delivery — but to make things even more interesting, he converted the final drive to a unique chain drive system. The chain drive conversion allows the bike to have some adjustable extension to help with stability when the VMAX is going full throttle. The team at it roCks!

Since the Portuguese outfit have been working hard to make monocoque arrangements their trademark design, and this Yamaha VMAX is no exception. Boasting a hand built monocoque unit built from a single sheet of metal that incorporates the seat, tail, and tank — though the tank is a false tank only, with the real one now hidden under the seat — the VMAX now has a slender and sleek, sports-oriented profile sculpted into a retro shape.

Famed for his iconic drag-style frame and some rather outlandish customs, Marcus decided to take a more reserved approach on this Yamaha VMAX build. What we have here is an understated masterpiece, with Master Walz proving that sometimes the less is more approach yields superior results.

Additionally, Abnormal Cycles installed some classic spoked wheels and upholstered an exquisite leather seat; combined with the beautifully polished aluminum bodywork, we think they managed to build a truly incredible neo-vintage looking motorcycle that shows off the racing heart of the VMAX without going too far.

Polish automobile interior specialists Carlex may be more famous for designing and building extravagant car interiors but when they get given a challenge, they certainly rise to it. This first one takes the standard Yamaha VMAX and turns it into a refined and elegant machine, adorned with bespoke carbon fiber features.

Yamaha Vmax Test ride

The carbon fiber is complimented with a beautifully upholstered leather saddle with stitching that contrasts nicely with the stark carbon and black leather finish. What we particularly like about this build is the fact that Carlex went beyond the bike and even made a matching set of accessories including a wallet, an open faced helmet, and a matching back pack too.

With a long career as a racer that saw him break numerous records and snag an AMA championship, Roland Sands knows a few things about motorcycles. In essence, the ideawas to highlight the most attractive part of the VMAX the engine and simplify everything else around it.

After relocating the fuel tank to under the swingarm and building a new rear subframe, and giving the rider a more aggressive riding stance, the VMAX now looks more like a relaxed-style sport bike, featuring huge horsepower, lots of torque, in a package that weighs almost lbs lighter than the original.

Before Ludovic Lazereth blew all of our minds with his Maserati V8-powered motorcycle, his crazy Yamaha R1 customs or unusual quad bikes, he built this: an awesome Yamaha VMAX custom that utilizes a whole host of carbon fiber and aluminum billet parts to transform the VMAX into something really quite special. The main challenge was to modify the motorcycle without sacrificing the spirit of the VMAX — and we think the finished result is a resounding success.There's nothing better than getting out on the open road on your Yamaha - away from the distractions of life - and your cruiser motorcycle is the best way to do it.

A relaxing ride is one of the best stress reliever we can think of. At MotoSport we know about all things cruiser, from keeping your motorcycle running smooth to the gear you need to get out on your ride. After you've ensured your cruiser is running smooth, make sure your tire tread is where it needs to be. Our large selection of cruiser tires give you the opportunity to find the tire that best fits your needs.

For an even better deal consider purchasing a tire combo and knocking both the front and rear tires out in one fell swoop. Rest assured, our deals are not limited to tires! At MotoSport we want to offer the industry's best deals - and provide a low price guarantee.

Your cruiser should be dressed up the way you want it, and to help you style your ride we carry a huge selection of cruiser body parts that include all the covers you could ask for - to give your cruiser a true custom look. When treating your cruiser motorcycle to a style upgrade choose the best products on the market, from the top brands like Baron Custom Accessories, Kuryakyn, Show Chrome and many more.

Throwing on all that new shine to your cruiser doesn't have to only be for show. We carry a vast selection of exhaust systems that range from the humble cruiser slip ons to the loud and proud full systems that add style and fresh chrome to your ride.The 1, cc engine in the Yamaha VMAX houses mad performance with more than adequate power and torque to give the VMAX plenty of goand the big, dual six-piston calipers up front give it plenty of stop.

The VMAX comes dressed to impress. Mad Max is the first thing that comes to my mind when I spy one of these brutes coming at me. Functional air scoops on both sides of the tank form the shoulders that give it that distinctive Crouched-Bulldog, Hidden-Gazelle look. While I still have a hard time seeing this ride as a cruiser, that is exactly how the factory categorizes it, an assertion backed up somewhat by the relatively-relaxed rider triangle that encourages an upright riding position.

The handlebars have very little pullback to them, so there is plenty of room to lean into the acceleration, and the saddle scoop is deep to contain your butt when you roll it on. There are undeniable strands of cruiser DNA in there, but the sportbike genes are dominant, and the bike seems to flaunt that half of its mixed heritage.

vmax 1700 performance mods

An all-aluminum chassis forms the bones of the VMAX with a cast-aluminum diamond frame and swingarm, and an extruded subframe to keep things light.

The fuel tank rides under the seat where it keeps the center of gravity low, and adds to the feeling of control-ability at low speeds, but I seriously question the wisdom of having to wave a gas hook over the seat at every fill up.

Massive front forks add to the all-up-front look of the VMAX, and the 52 mm, right-side-up forks float the front end on 4. A monoshock springs the swingarm, and it comes fully adjustable through a remote-mount air reservoir.

The brakes come loaded for bear with a pair of mm, wave cut discs up front and a mm disc in back. Dual Brembo calipers bind the front wheel with six-pot, opposed piston calipers, and a single-pot Brembo grips the rear. Now for the beating heart of the VMA, the liquid-cooled, cubic-inch 1, cc powerplant. A number of interdependent systems contribute to this power.

Yamaha uses its own version of a ride-by-wire system with the Chip Controlled Throttle YCC-T rather than a mechanical throttle cable, which treats the actual throttle-grip position as more of a guideline, than an actual rule. This allows the engine and throttle to work in harmony for smooth transitions and power delivery.

Slipper-clutch technology provides some safety during aggressive downshifts, and makes for an easy pull at the lever. A five-speed tranny sends power to the rear wheel via drive shaft, all geared to control the awesome power of the engine. Italian marque Ducati has a rough equivalent in both looks and performance with its Diavel Ducati rolls with fully adjustable suspension and cornering ABS to gain a slight edge in chassis hardware; an edge that extends into the electronics suite with wheelie control, lean-sensitive traction control, and power modes all bundled under the riding modes feature.

V Max modifications

Launch control comes stock, and the base Diavel is pre-wired for plug-and-play installation of a quick shifter to help you come out of the hole like a champ. Yeah, that puts Ducati behind in brute power, but the Italian manufacturer makes up for that somewhat with greater refinement. The pegs seem high and back under your butt, which promotes that forward lean of the aggressive rider posture, but also puts the pegs in the way when you go to put your feet down.

I also wonder if I had to dab my foot, it might get caught under that peg. It might be a non-issue for you long, tall folks, but these are things I think of. Also, the big bulge of the scoops gives you a place to hook your knee, depending on your body proportions. Read more Yamaha news. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement is intended.

Magnum Tuning Performance parts

Image Source: yamaha-motor. The combined 12 caliper pistons up front add up to a tremendous amount of braking power, so for once I am really glad to see ABS, 'cause this bike definitely needs it. Fully adjustable preload, compression and rebound; 4. The Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake YCC-I takes a page from MV Agusta's book as a means to shorten the length of the intake at high rpm, a feature that helps bring the powerband on a little sooner, with a little more oomph.

The Ducati is more expensive, but you get a much more robust electronics suite. TJ Hinton.Recently we are not experiencing any delays processing and shipping orders. You can check back here anytime for updates or changes in our operations. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and keep you up to date with any changes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We encourage everyone to do their part in slowing the spread of the virus.

Keep your heads up and be strong. While this is the time of great uncertainty, we are confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we will become stronger than ever before.

Reviewed by K. Purchased this chip to my C Intruder. I have to rev a lil more while clutching in city but acceleration is much better, and everyday riding was far rougher with OEM fuel settings. Overall a good way to go for more power.

Awesome support! I'll recommend to others. Reviewed by Philbert Z. It's always a pleasure ordering from magnumtuning. Was talked into and paying a bunch of money for factory KTM tune for my RC but it did not do a thing. This evo chip reflashed my ecu and gave real gains, bike runs much better and throttle response is suprt fine. Reviewed by r. Reviewed by G. Reviewed by p. I have had my tuner for 5 years in my UTV Worked great until I crushed my machine and bought a new U8.

Last time i missed to post a review but now my assesment is dyna boost is probably one of the easiest installs ever with straightforward manual and the whole process took less than 30 minutes. Adjustment was another 30 minutes and the chip works great. As far as I remember the technical support was magnificent and efficien so I had no reserve at this time. Reviewed by Adalbrecht F.

I was truly pleased with both the service and the product from Magnum. Fast shippers, good communication and overall a 5 star ECU tune. Keep up the decent work guys, thank you. BRB to buy your performance plugs. Verry good system!!! Reviewed by j. I have a stock Softail Fat Boy and had a real dead spot showed up at idle and again around rpm.

vmax 1700 performance mods

The techs at the shop I've taken it to for troubleshooting this weird issue told me its the fuel programming, and they directed me to magnumtuning site. I bought EVO-Tech and had a proficient tech wire it up. He coped with the wiring in 30 mins and encuraged my to do the tune alone. The results were unspeakably surprising.

Take off and the power throughout the RPM range was not only better but fantastic. Changes are super noticeable and I did not have to buy or fix anything else.Everyone knows what the V Max is, it's a 20 year old model, sold by Yamaha every year with brand new paint.

It's been out so long they even repeat the colors they offer. There were almost no changes over the years, slightly larger fork tubes and very minor carb changes, other than that, it's a 20 year old bike you can still buy brand new. Constant rumors about a new V Max are heard year after year, every year it's the same old Max. He converted to chain drive, custom built a set of 4 into 1 pipes, put a big rear tire on it and was down in the nines in the quarter mile.

Cycle World had earlier taken a stock Max, put on what was then a brand new Kerker pipe, laced up some custom wheels and also ran in the nines. Back then, that was unbelieveable. When the V Max first came out, the rear tire was pretty big for it's day, these days it's almost ridiculously small. Unfortunately, to fix that has required a lot of work, converting to chain drive, which was REALLY a lot of work, but then the Max looked right.

Of all of the bikes over the years that deserve a fat rear tire, Mr Max deserves it more than any. It is simply the perfect bike for those huge rears the chopper guys use. Well, Paul Civitello now offers a fat rear tire kit that uses shaft drive and according to his site, can be installed in about an hour. It will accept up to a rear tire.

If I still had my Max I'd be on the phone right now. They just look right. Nope, won't carve any corners although it will run rings around the choppers out there and it will kick their butt in any quarter mile confrontation. Paul offers a lot of other modification kitstoo, chain drive, belt drive, supercharger, etc. Gotta love it. I often wonder why Yamaha hasn't done anything to the Max. Bigger engine, better running gear, freshen the design but not too much and they would have a winner for the next 20 years.

You can probably tell, I like the V Max. If you've never ridden one, you really should. When the V boost kicks in, it's a rush. Today's sportbikes will beat it, no question about that, but Max does it different. And there is nothing, I'm grinning just thinking about it.

vmax 1700 performance mods

It's a sit up, wind in your face, V4 rumble, Hat tip to Aaron for reminding me about Mad Max. Be sure to check the current Vmax for sale listings.